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Element Case Sector 5 iPhone 5/5s Case | Sector 5 Standard Edition Sector 5 CF

The Sector is the most extreme case we've ever created. Extreme because every detail of the Sector's design has exceeded our steep design and engineering standards. The Sector has a sleek ergonomic shape that is comfortable and easy to grip. The CNC "Trussed" design makes the Sector super strong and extremely lightweight while the Multilink fastening system allows the case to be installed or removed in seconds. The modular design will allow for upcoming add-ons and upgrades, and like our famous Vapor Case, the back will allow for removable back-plates in a variety of flavors!

The Sector SE (Standard Edition) will comes in a Gun Metal Grey, Silver, or Black and all feature our satin Flux Finish. The Sector case is designed and CNC Machined in the USA with US made T6061 aluminum. Every case is covered with full 1 year manufactures defect warranty, and each component of the Sector case will soon be available in the Element Case parts department should you need a replacement.

Sector 5 SE
for iPhone 5/5s

Sector 5 CF
for iPhone 5/5s

Sector 5 Features
Sector 5 Black Ops Elite Sector 5 Design Studio

Sector 5 Design Studio
for iPhone 5/5s
Starting at $139.95

Sector 5 Black Ops Elite
for iPhone 5/5s

Sector 5 Black Ops Sector 5 Au

Sector 5 Black Ops
for iPhone 5/5s

Sector 5 Au
for iPhone 5/5s

Sector 5 Dimensions

NOTE: The 8 pin connector port on the bottom of the Sector 5 iPhone case has been designed to accommodate the original
connector included with the iPhone 5/5S and additional accessories may not be compatible.