Sector iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Case Active Collection
Sector for iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus Active Collection


Light and strong, the Sector was designed for performance. MERC 4 technology combines aerospace grade carbon fiber and CNC machined aluminum to enhance rigidity. Proprietary HIT (High Impact TPU) locking crowns provide extreme impact protection which meet military specification drop-test require-ments. STRONGER, LIGHTER, FASTER- the Sector. Designed in CA.

iPhone 7 Case


iPhone 7 Plus Case

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iPhone 7/7 Plus Case

  • MERC 4(Material Engineered Reinforced Chassis). Engineered composite and alloy materials reinforce a polycarbonate sub-frame to create a chassis that is rigid, light to resist twisting and bending.
  • QLC Quick Lock Crowns. Positive locking crown system provides a secure attachment with quick and easy installation.
  • CNC Machined Aluminum. Side rails on the MERC 4 chassis are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, then anodized for a durable finish.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced. Aerospace grade carbon fiber is used to reinforce MERC 4 chassis design.
  • Hit Technology. Co-molded HIT (High Impact TPU) technology provides extreme protection at both ends.
  • Fast Tap CNC Buttons. CNC machined aluminum buttons protect iPhone controls while providing quick and easy use of volume and on/off functions.
  • MIL-SPEC Approved. Meets military specification drop-test requirements.

Available in Citron, Carbon, Red


Installation Instructions for Sector