Element Case Atom for Samsung Galaxy S3
Element Case Atom Element Case Atom for Samsung Galaxy S3

Joining the Composite Line of impact resistant protective cases from Element Case for iPhone is the all new Atom for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone. With a TPU main body, ergonomic shape, and a genuine aerospace grade Carbon Fiber protective back plate, the Atom provides Element Case style and ruggedness for the serious Android user.

Integrated buttons molded into the cases along with an ergonomic shape make for a case that it easy to hold, comfortable to use and manages to maintain the slim feel that the S3 was designed to have.

Android logo - For the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • > (1) color option
  • - Injection Molded Polymer
  • - Carbon Fiber back-plate
  • - Impact protective corners


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Element Case Atom Features
Oversize Accessory Ports Screen Protector Included
Element Case Atom Feature Call Outs
Element Case Atom Dimensions
Element Case Atom Features List
  1. Robust impact protective corners
  2. Integrated molded control buttons
  3. Headphone port
  4. Speaker port
  5. Integrated molded power button
  6. Carbon Fiber protective back-plate
  7. Element logo detail