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Black Ops iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Case

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BLACK OPS iPHONE 7 Case & iPHONE 7 Plus Case

Sku : EMT-322-134DZ
$199.95 USD


The 5th Gen Black OPS builds on its heritage with increased tactical material and features. MERC 5™ technology utilizes CNC machined G10 and aircraft grade aluminum. Super tough black type III “hard anodized” coating is added for a non-glare, field ready finish. These, in combination with proprietary HIT™ technology and QLC™ locking crowns create the ultimate in lightweight, low bulk protection that meets military specification drop-test requirements. Black OPS is the ultimate in covert protection.

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$199.95 USD
Black Ops iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Case Banner
Black Ops iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Case Banner


The 5th Gen Black OPS builds on its heritage with increased tactical material and features. MERC 5 technology utilizes CNC machined G10 and aircraft grade aluminum. Super tough black type III "hard anodized" coating is added for a non-glare, field ready finish. These, in combination with proprietary HIT technology and QLC locking crowns create the ultimate in lightweight, low bulk protection that meets military specification drop-test requirements. Black OPS is the ultimate in covert protection.

Designed in California.

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Engineered composite and alloy materials reinforce a polycarbonate sub-frame to create a chassis that resists twisting and bending

QLC™ Quick Lock Crown System Icon


Positive locking crown system provides a secure attachment with quick and easy installation

CNC Machined Aluminum System Icon


Side rails on the MERC 5™ chassis are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, then bead blasted and "hard" anodized for a super tough stealth finish.

G10 Reinforced Icon


CNC machined military grade G10 glass composite used in MERC 5 reinforced chassis design.

HIT™ (High Impact TPU) CROWNS

HIT (High Impact TPU) CROWNS

Co-molded elastomeric TPU crown design provides extreme impact protection.

Fast Tap™ Buttons Icon


CNC machined aluminum buttons protect iPhone controls while providing quick and easy use of volume and on/off functions.

Pocket Clip Attachment Icon


Modular belt clip allows easy and secure carry on belts and in pockets.

Mil-Spec Drop Approved Icon


Meets military specification drop-test requirements.

Specifications Diagram Black Ops iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Case Banner


iPhone 7 5.6in x 2.8in x 0.4in / 14.4cm x 7.2cm x 1.0cm
iPhone 7 Plus 6.4in x 3.3in x 0.4in / 16.5cm x 8.5cm x 1.0cm


We craft the industry's highest quality products from a foundation of the finest premium resources available.


MOLLE (pronounced /ˈmɒl.liː/, as in the female name) is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and backpacks utilized by a number of NATO armed forces, especially the British Army and the United States Army. The system uses rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched webbing for the attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft Touch is a premium, durable spray coating applied to high end electronic device enclosures and other consumer goods. As it's name implies, Soft Touch is soft to the touch with a velvety smooth or suede feel. Typically applied to formed parts in a secondary process, Soft Touch is a spray on process requiring a strictly controlled environment to get desired results of scratch and mar resistance, adhesion, and even surface finish.

304 Stainless Steel

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6061 Aluminum

Aluminum is a chemical element in the Boron group. Aluminum metal alloys are low in density and possess an incredible strength to weight ratio. 6 and 7 series aluminum are widely used in aircraft industry, automotive performance parts, and portable computing devices because of its formability, rigidity, and lightness.

G10 Glass Composites

G10 glass composites are unclad materials comprised of different resin systems incorporating glass weave as a reinforcement. G10 laminate exhibits excellent electrical (non-conductive), mechanical (high strength) and chemical performance characteristics. Because of this, G10 laminates are widely uses in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Industrial and Petroleum Industries.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

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Polycarbonate (PC)

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CNC Machining

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Anodize coating (Type II)

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Anodize coating (Type III)

Hard Anodizing (Type III) is similar to standard anodizing in that both are controlled electrochemical processes. The key difference is that hard coat anodizing provides a surface that is more wear resistant and has a smoother and harder surface than standard anodizing. During the hard coat anodizing process, a uniform aluminum oxide layer is formed on the surface that penetrates into the material. Because of it's extremely durable surface, Hard Anodizing is used widely in military and aerospace applications.


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Is there any protection for the glass?

We do not have any screen protection on our cases. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us at (858) 391-0061 or email at customerservice@stmbrands.com. Thanks!
CustomerSupport answered on June 14, 2017
Can a glass protector be added to the M7 case or screen protection?

Yes you will be able to use a glass screen protector with this case. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us at (858) 391-0061 or email at customerservice@stmbrands.com. Thanks!
CustomerSupport answered on June 23, 2017

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Review by Dewayne D Robinson from Spring Hill, TN United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Excellent Protection
The case is very well constructed and fits nicely. Glad that I purchased this case. It is meant for the long haul. Outside of the afforded protection of the case itself, it has that "cool factor" that always gets comments during conversations with friends.
Review by Bill Whaley from Grovetown, GA United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Black Ops Case for IPhone 7
I Love the design of the case but for the Price point I would like to see more accessories (mainly a High quality screen Protector or two). But I Love your products keep up the great work.
Review by Shawn Lee Young from Pittsburgh, PA United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Excellent Product
I have enjoyed the case unsure I how to use the holster but I am sure I will learn.....
Review by KENT BENTON from Spearman, TX United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Solid, premium feel & function
Great case - perfect fitment and ease of use. Quick release crowns are a huge bonus. improved experience in an already superb line.
Review by Russell Smith from Annapolis, MD United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Nice case
The case is very similar in quality to you other builds nice solid construction and fell to the hand. Great every day driver case . Although it comes in at a higher price tag this case provides good protection without making your phone feel like a brick. Although the clip on the back seems to be leftover parts from there previous black ops line going back to the iPhone 5 and adds a level of bulk and could use one that's less prone to snags .Element case needs to incorporate their stylish ergonomic sleek design into a fully waterproof and get into a higher drop test rating . No one wants to be limited on where they can go or what they can do by their phone case.
Review by Dan Webb from Centerport , NY United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Ops perfect
Fits perfect on my iPhone and secure fit in my pocket.
Review by Leo Reyes from Stockton, CA United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Most perfect case
The Black opps case for the iPhone 7 plus is just magnificent. BEAUTIFUL...!!!!!
Review by filip depoortere from roeselare, west vlaanderen Belgium / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Excellent Case
Been using Element cases since iPhone 5. They have been top notch. A little bit pricey but it's the price to pay for quality and having something that's unique. The Black Ops 7 Plus case is large but feels premium with the mix of aluminium parts with polycarbonate tops and bottom. This is a much better choice as my previous 6s Plus case was all dinged up. Highly recommended.
Review by Sean C from Sydney, Australia / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Good case although pricey
Elementcase shipped the case very promptly despite the hustle and bustle lf black friday promos. Just got it yesterday and the wait was well worth it. Although slightly heavier than typical tpu cases, the material and build gives a very solid feel to the phone. Have not dropped it yet (hope never). Definitely looks and feels like it can take a hit. Aesthetically very pleasing. Nicest case i have owned thus far.
Review by Anonymous Person from Singapore, Bukit Batok Singapore / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Black Ops for iphone. 7
I am very pleased with this element case. It's durable, well made, incredibly designed and appears very protective. The top and bottom crowns are easy to remove when necessary but not without some effort....the on/off and volume controls are responsive with positive clicks.
It's definitely a 5 star case from a 5 star manufacturer.
Review by Anonymous Person from Lakewood Ranch, FL United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Black Ops
Top part of case pulls off in my hand when pulling out from the holster. I guess it has good protection and build does look top notch, but old case was bomber, screwed together, this is fairly cheezy compared to that one.
Review by Scott MacButch from Pocatello, ID United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
What a disappointment on so many levels...
Wow, what a HUGE disappointment. I waited weeks for this case to be released and when it finally arrived, the case broke within four hours as it was not properly stitched together. I questioned why there were no instructions with the tactical case and was told that many people have asked for instructions too but was not given any advise. The phone case is solid and so is the packaging that the case comes in, however, the tactical case is complete garbage. I was made to feel that there was no guarantee on my case when I called in to report the problem and they made it seem like they were doing me a HUGE favor. I feel the customer service I received was as poor as the design and lack of instructions that come with the tactical case. I doubt that Element will allow this review to be published.
Review by Scott Holden from Lake Nebagamon, WI United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Black Ops Case
Expensive, but first rate. I would definitely buy another!
Review by Anonymous Person from Edina, MN United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Best Cases Hands Down!
Very light and very durable...easy to install, all buttons work perfect...no bulky awkward handling...and it looks awesome!
Review by RtP from NY United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Clip problem
A Allen wrench did not come with my new black ops I-phone 7. I contacted support. They are sending me one . But today 12/27 screw came out of clip attachment. Sent another e-mail requesting additional screws. Did not have this problem with black op I-phone 6. Tried to skeletonize from my 6 case. Not same size. Help.
Review by oe Frank Smith from Dothan, AL United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Element case did it again...
These cases just keep getting better and better. I love how this one snaps apart and the phone slides down inside. Awesome rugged look. This is my 3rd element case and I will probably always have one. They are awesome!
Review by Tamra from AMARILLO, TX United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Worth the price!!
I have only used Element Case for my phone protection. Every smartphone is an investment so it helps to have the best protection. I work in an environment that requires such. Hate dropping my phone but when it has happened my case protects well. As long as the quality remains I will continue each new phone to buy from Element Case. Thanks for a grand product!!!
Review by Martin Lewis from Charlotte, NC United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Looks good, but crowns are plastic.
I was disappointed to see that only the sides are aluminum, and the central outer shell has carbon fiber for reinforcement. The rest is plastic. Took off another star because the volume buttons have very sharp edges, which makes it unpleasant to use.

Other than that, the case looks great and has protected my phone from 3ft falls. I feel like I paid for looks more than anything.
Review by Jose Arredondo from Berwyn, IL United States / (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Best case ever
Expensive, but quality materials make up a great case. Military guy here and this case definitely supports tactical use. Would recommend it to anyone.
Review by Daniel Campbell from Wasaga beach, ON Canada / (Posted on 4/12/2017)