Watch Out for Fakes

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for us, the honor of being one of the most counterfeited smartphone case companies in the world is dubious at best. Cheap, low-quality fakes mean you could get stuck with a disappointing – and even potentially damaging – imitation product. Let’s face it, that’s no good for either of us.

To protect you and ensure you’re rocking authentic Element Case products, we’ve enlisted Brady Brand Protection and Hewlett Packard to develop a sophisticated authentication solution.


Here are some guidelines to protect you from getting stuck with a counterfeit Element Case:

Watch Where You Shop

Authentic Element Case components are made using only the finest materials, and are produced by carefully selected vendors. This means that safe labor laws are enforced, ethical business practices are established, and rare materials are certified to be sustainable and safe.

Only buy Element Case products from our website, from one of our authorized retailers, or from one of our authorized online stores – the Element Case Factory Outlet, the Element Case eBay Store, and the Element Case Amazon Store. Beware of counterfeit copies sold from stores like Alibaba, Aliexpress,,,, TaoBao, or T-Mall. Buying imitation cases from them risks damage to your phone and supports unethical and unsafe businesses. You don’t want that, do you?

Avoid These Scams

If you encounter a rip-off, please report it to us immediately.

  • If you see Element Case products being sold at a shopping mall kiosk, it's fake.
  • If an Element Case product is listed on Ebay or Amazon by anyone other than Element Case authorized retailers, it’s fake.
  • Element Cases rarely go on sale. If the price sounds too good to be true, it is.

Don’t Get Stuck with a Cheap Imitation

Poor quality counterfeit products can damage your phone!

They may look similar, but counterfeits are made with a die cast process and inferior alloy and plastic materials that can crack when dropped. Also, the fakes don’t include our proprietary anti-shock padding. Remember: a cracked case means cracked phone. Trust us, we see it every day, and hate telling people they got stuck with a fake. Don't take the risk.

If your fake case takes a dive, you're on your own.