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From the beginning, we were different. Phone protection was not enough for us-Element Case redefined the game with the use of ultra-premium materials, and a design sense that captured the imagination of those with a desire for the distinctive. Today, that attitude remains a part of our DNA and a trait that we share with you: to forever challenge the status quo.

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The design and engineering of a genuine Element Case starts with the drive to make something uniquely compelling. Blending inventive ideas, select materials, and precision craftsmanship, our cases are built to be an expression of the way you live-bold, daring, independent. Every case we make is our signature, an exemplification of the principles we believe in.

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Sometimes there’s no way to explain it. Why something is simply…undeniably…right. You just know. It’s a feeling of heart pounding, blood pumping, sheer ecstasy. Kind of like falling in love. (Which is pretty much what people have been doing with our cases since 2007). Element Case lives to create gear that replicates that sensation. But we didn’t have to tell you that. You already know it.

You already know it.