Watch Band Instructions

Instructions for Black Ops Watchband – Apple Watch Series 7 (45MM)

Instructions for Special Ops Watchband – Apple Watch Series 7 (45MM)

Installing the Series 7 Apple Watch in Special OPS Watch Band

Installing the Apple Watch

  1. Remove the cover by pulling up gently at the corners
  2. Insert the top edge of the Apple Watch at an angle under the top hook
  3. Then guide the bottom of the Apple Watch into the plastic housing, assuring there is clearance from the curved edge of the housing and press down until it snaps into place to secure the Apple Watch.
  4. Once secured in the housing, position the cover so the dial and button of the watch line up with the dial opening and button on the cover.
  5. Tuck the top of the cover under the top hook of the housing then pull the cover over the rest of the corners of the Apple watch.
  6. Once the cover is pulled over the Apple Watch make sure the cover fits tight around all edges. You may need to push the top and bottom of the cover into place.
Removing the Series 7 Apple Watch from Special OPS Watch Band

Removing the Watch

  1. Start by pulling up on the bottom corners of the cover
  2. Once the bottom corners are free, pull the rest of the cover off by pushing it toward the top of the watch then pull up once the cover is free from the top hook
  3. While holding the watch securely apply some pressure to the bottom of the Apple Watch to pop free from the housing. CAUTION: Ensure the watch is protected from popping out of your hands or dropping by holding securely and/or removing it above a safe, soft surface.
Using the pullover strap on the Special OPS Watch Band

Installing Pull-Over Strap

  1. Align the top of the pull-over strap around the bottom hook. Make sure the pull-over strap is placed within the opening of the bottom hook.
  2. Once in the correct position pull the pull-over strap into the bottom hook until secure.

Removing the Pull-Over Strap

  1. Lift the free end of the pull-over strap and push the other end toward the hook opening. Since the pull-over strap is flexible and designed to fit tight in the bottom hook it may take a couple of attempts to fully come free from the bottom hook. It may help to flip the watch band and pull the pull-over strap out from below the bottom hook.